"How to ADHD"

ADHD is one of the the most chronic disorders of childhood. It is characterised by symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. These symptoms are pervasive and evident at home and  at school and in social settings. The severity does vary as does the presentation across genders and in different age groups. It may be associated with learning difficulties, mood and anxiety symptoms, or behavioral disorders. Sometimes it is a straightforward case of a happy child who just struggles to complete tasks at school and meet their academic potential.

During lockdown, many parents were seeing just what it is that teachers and learners are grappling with in the class room and have developed a real appreciation for the need for further information and support for learners with ADHD.

IThis is a highly heritable disorder with up to 80% of children having a parent with a similar history. The parent without ADHD may find it difficult to understand the very real challenges faced by their children. One such parent stumbled across the YouTube channel "How to ADHD"and recommends it to other parents and children. The channel provides short videos on a variety of ADHD related topics.

You can find additional resources for ADHD on the Resources Tab on this website and amongst the Guest Blogs


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