MEET LAURA MARKOVITZ, Parent Coach. "Parenting during lockdown"


I am a Parent Coach and I blog and do talks on Parenting issues. I have appeared regularly on SABC 3's Expresso show's parenting segment and have delivered talks to numerous schools and groups. I hold an LLB, Psychology Honours and I am a PCI Certified Parent Coach. I am also a mom. I work with parent/s in a collaborative process which helps parents to share the frustrations and challenges that they are dealing with, connect with what is working despite the difficult dynamics, identify how they would ideally like things to function, and then implement practical changes to help ensure they can enhance their family life. 

Some focus areas in my practice include:

  • Supporting parents to ensure they take better care of themselves
  • Providing practical ideas on solving specific child related challenges
  • Helping single or solo parents thrive.
  • Navigating differing parenting styles.
  • Helping parents manage separation and divorce
  • Helping parents navigate age appropriate boundaries, routines and structures
  • Managing discipline

During the unprecedented, unsettling and worrying time of navigating our way through Covid-19 I will continue to offer Parent Coaching sessions virtually and to share blogs. I also plan to offer online talks for Parents on specific topics that will help us manage this time better with the particular challenges that come with Parenting during Covid-19. Please follow these links if you would like to read two recent blogs I have written:

Parenting In The Time of Corona: 

Parenting in Lockdown: ; instagram@markovitzlaura 

Feeling out of control: 

Every parent is experiencing varying degrees of anxiety, doubt and uncertainty as they carry the load of their family's well-being from a financial, heath, educational, motional and spiritual level. The juggle is real!

Whilst I continue to offer Parent Coaching support to individual parents and couples, I would like to make you aware of specific support I am offering to working parents through their work environment. The format is an hour long Zoom session where I present insights that recognise specific challenges that parents are currently navigating and provide practical support to enhance coping better in these times. i have time for participants to raise questions and share their experience.

Some topics covered include:

  • How do I manage my own stress and still show up as a parent and a provider?
  • Why is it important that I am taking care of myself?
  • How do I do this juggling act?
  • How do I ensure connection when things are so disconnected?
  • How do I get my work done and maintain some sort of routine for myself and my kids?
  • How do I ensure I have sace to work when space feels so limited?


Please contact me via email on or 082 427 4700 if you would like to set up a time to meet and/or to find out more about Parent Coaching. 



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