During this challenging period in world history, communities are uniting in providing information, guidance, support and comfort to each other. As information becomes available, I will share it with you.

I highly recommend this podcast for children who have questions about the corona virus and the impact on society. The story, "My Hero is You",  is narrated by children from all over the world, including a South African child.

The Bellavista School, an independent school in Johannessburg, is providing a variety of on line courses for parents who wish to develop skills in supporting their children with a variety of develomental challenegs including ADHD and learning disorders. You can access these resources at 

Dr Colinda Linde is sharing techniques to manage anxiety and worry on the self-help CBT site

Messages for Mothers (M4M) aims to keep mothers informed, connected and encouraged using digital channels  There is a focus on Physical health resources, Mindfulness, Mental health resources and Mothering at home resources. It is available in 3 official languages. 

The SOUTH AFRICAN DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY GROUP ( will be hosting Facebook Expert chats between 1-2pm on Fridays to address topics relating to Coping with Anxiety and Depression during the pandemic. SADAG also provides free online counselling, information, and referral to psychologists, psychiatrists and clinics nationwide. Contact 011 234 4837. Suicide emergency hotline 0800 567 567

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ( is a wonderful resource providing a wealth of information on a range of topics on the mental health of children and families. Please access "Talking to children about Coronavirus (Covid19)". The Facts for Families series covers a broad range of topics which you may also find helpful. Access is free.

The Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ( is the British version and has excellent podcasts which are also freely accessed by the public. They include topics of current interest as well as those relating to ADHD and Autism.

While spending time at home, you might consider purchasing an ebook from Guilford Press ( There are excellent titles under the Parenting section. These include:

  • "An early start for you child with autism using every day activities to help kids connect, communicate and learn." Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, and Laurie A. Vismara
  • " Help for worried kids: How your child can conquer anxiety and fear." Cynthia G. Last
  • " Taking charge of ADHD: Fourth edition: The complete authoritative guide for parents." Russel A. Barkley
  • "Your defiant child: Second edition: Eight steps to better behaviour." Russel A. Barkley and Christine M Benton
  • "Talking back to OCD: the program that makes kids and teens say "No way"and parents say "Way to go"'. John S. March and Christine M. Benton
  • "Smart but scattered teens: the executive skills approach to helping kids reach their full potential." Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, and Colin Guare.
  • "Helping teens who cut: Second edition: using DBT skills to end self-injury." Michael Hollander
  • " Parenting through the storm: Find help, hope and strength when your child has psychological problems."Ann Douglas 

There are many more titles to choose from. Each book has a Table of contents and a Sample chapter for you to read before deciding whether it will be helpful for your situation or not.




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